Wholistic Wellbeing

Beyond Stress & Pains

Interferential Current Therapy (IFC)

Interferential Current Therapy is the most common type of electrical muscle stimulation therapy for the overall relief. THC opens up the whole treatments with IFC not only on the trigger points but also the whole spinal zone for wholictic relaxation to enhance the nervous system balance.

Meridian & Myofacial & Lymphatic Relief Therapy with CBD Oil & Guasha

There are various matrix within human body. HC puts emphasis on the 14 Medirian channles by Oriental Medicine,the myofacial tissues, and the lymphatic circulation, and applying the exclusively manufactured CBD external oil with various massage tools such as Silver/Crystal/ Jade/ Horn/ Brass Guashas,and myofacial relief massage bars.

Cupping Therapy

In the Oriental Medicines of Korea, China,etc, the cupping therapy has long been used to detoxify the blood and boost up blood and energy circulation. It is also instantly beneficial to relieve muscle spasm.THC practices 3 kinds of cupping therapies.
– Dry Cupping- Hijama
– Germanium Fire Ceramic Cupping

Needle/ Ear Acupuncture& Dry Needling

Acupuncture is the safest and effetive cure for humankind for hundreds years of
history, which is approved by WHO (1979)and FDA (1996).
14 main meridian channels and apprx. 361 points, and it’s combination have been
used for the cure of many disease, specially for pain issues.

THC is practicing the tracitional Needle and Ear Acupuncture, and the Dry Needling skills to break the most stiff trigger points in harmony with the matrix of whole body energy balance.

Micro Current Acupuncture

The efficacy of micro current has been exposed and researched by many scientists recently. In 1991 Dr. E. Neher won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with his “discoveries concerning the function of single ion channels in cells”. Here he exposed the benefits of micro current.
In Korea it has been applied to acupuncture and a safe and effective micro current acupuncture device has been invented.


The traditional Moxibustion, which is burning dried artemisia on or near to major meridian points, has been widely practiced in the North East Asian countries.
Its warming effects raise up body temperature to eradicate excessive cold energy out of human body. And artemisia as a medicinal herb is very effective to boost up immune system fighting against inflamation.

THC is practicing various types of Moxibustion.Medicinal Yellow Clay

Korean Gang-wha Island Artemisia

Chinese stick type


Panacell, invented in Korea, due to its high voltage, penetrates deep past the dermis,the hypodermis, the muscle and eventually reaches the spinal nerves, thereby delivering the micro current throughout the entire body, including
the center of the brain.

THC is applying Panacell to our clients for both local pain issues and the Meridian acupuncture practices in a IHC signature combination to maximize the benefits.

Laser Needle

The Laserneedle technology, invented in Germany, uses laser of Class 3R to supply irradiated tissue with additional energy, without having the thermal tissue-damaging effect.The Laserneedle technology combines the class 3R laser with a special High Power Density Technology (HPD) and thus reaches the necessary laser power without the risk of thermal effects.

THC is applying LaserNeedle to our clients for both local pain issues and the Meridian acupuncture practices in THC signature combination to maximize the benefits.

Essential Oils

Various essential oils have been used to relax and balace the nervous system in many countries. Its sympatholytic effect has been proved to be effective and widely been practiced for stress management in all body,emotion and mentality.

THC is importing world reknowned theraputic level of essential oils and bleding with exclusive knowhow.

THC’s signature stress management program dealing with 7 emotions effectively relieves mental & physical tentions and leads clients to the wholistic stress free status.

Sound Healing

he major problem of modern life style is the mental and body with chronic hyper tension status. It is getting more and more difficult to balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve system because of the constant stimulation of electric gadgets
and stressful life style.

THC adopts Soung Healing utilizing the traditional and natural sound vibrations to tune your body in a positive and healthy pattern again.String Sound Board Bed Tibetan Singing Bowl

Crystal & Gemstone Therapy

Crystals and Gemstones have a healing power that helps purifying, balancing, and realigning by working with human bioenergetic systems.Each stone has its own unique frequency,energy field, and resonance to stabilize human body, emotion, and mentality.

THC is practicing Crystal & Gemstone Therapy appropriately with all the other treatments. The unique signature combination of THC’s own creation uplifts the whole healing process into the state of the art.

Venom Ginseng Peptide Rejuvenation Therapy

Gintox Professional Premium Solution ampoulepenetrates deep into the skin, Perfect venom
peptide along with Korean Ginseng rejuvenates the skin and body, prevening aging process.


Water, Wild Ginseng Cultured Root Extract,Caffeoyl sh-decapeptide-9, sh-Polypeptide-38,sh-Oligopeptide-1, sh-Polypeptide-1, sh-Oligopeptide-2, Viper Venom, 1,2-Hesanediol

Peptide Peeling Pack Therapy

Gemmove Queen Magic Peeltox contain natural ingredients such as Centella Asiatica Extract, Bambusa Vularis Water, and Pearl Extract to help maintain bright and elastic skin,and remove wastes and sebum with Cleanser Complex. It contains 12 kinds of peptides also.It is a wash-off type product that opens clogged pores and removes dead skin.

Micro Current Rejuvenation Therapy

Korean Micro Current technology equipment GEM Move Energy Therapy is a total body &facial rejuvenating machine.

Micro Currents boost up ATP in the cells and show apparent results in improving blood circulation, reducing fatigueness, and weigh loss.